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We all experience adolescence. It is a period of great change and for many the first opportunity to experiment with alcohol and for a few with the use of drugs. For some this period can be marked by the use of alcohol and drugs in a way that puts them at immediate harm or establishes a pattern of behaviour which can lead to later problems. For young people it is therefore essential that they are given accurate, reliable and up to date information about the use of alcohol and drugs as well as the skills to understand the risks attached to the decisions they make.

There are many local services which offer advice and support, we have listed them below:

MYPAS – Midlothian Young People’s Advice Service

MYPAS work with young people aged between 12 and 21 in Midlothian and aged 12 to 19 in East Lothian. Young people can access individual support, group work and support for families. The drug and alcohol team can also provide information, advice and harm reduction advice.
Tel: 0131 454 0757

Substance Misuse Support Workers – Young People

The support workers offer support to school aged children and young people living in East Lothian whose live have been impacted with their own substance misuse problems or that of their parents/carers. Support can be offered at school, in the home or in the community by speaking to your guidance teacher or supportive adult.
Tel: 01875 824 309

Crew 2000

Crew 2000 provides a range of services for those who are 12+. There is a city centre drop in, advice and support and sexual health information. There is lots of information on their website

Additional sources of information

There is also lots of online resources and helplines which offer free confidential advice.
FRANK – / 0300 123 6600
Know The Score – / 0333 230 9468
YoungMinds – / 0808 802 5544
The NHS have produced a list of apps that can help with you help and wellbeing, you can access the list here:
If you find yourself caring for a family member, there is help, support and advice out there for you too.

East Lothian Young Carers

East Lothian Young Carers provide respite and support to young people aged 5-18 years whose lives are affected by parental substance misuse. Contact the service direct on 01620 826 558
Tel: 01620 826 558

Children 1st

Children 1st Midlothian provide family-based support for families affected by problematic parental substance misuse. The service provides support over a period of 6 weeks and the support is based on the family’s individual needs.
Tel: 0131 654 9540

Circle East Lothian

Circle East Lothian offer support to children/young people and families who are affected by parental substance misuse. The services work alongside the family to help them build upon existing strengths to make and sustain positive lifestyle choices.
Tel: 01620 827 554
The transition to young adulthood can be a time of anxiety and difficulty without the added pressure from peers. There are services available to young people to help them navigate this time in their lives.

The Bridges Project

The Bridges Project is an independent, local charity which works with young people in East Lothian and Midlothian between the ages of 14 and 21 years to help them manage the transition from adolescence to young adulthood and life beyond.
Tel: 0131 665 1621

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Substance Use: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Substance Use: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility